New Music

2 years ago by Marina Pedrosa

When you think Steve Angello already tried every thing in his career, he makes sure to come back blowing everyone’s mind once again. It seems like the Greek Swedish DJ is not satisfied with being one of the biggest names in the dance music world as a renowned producer and a (more…)

2 years ago by Kara Roessner

Love Thy Brother – Love Thy Song. Canadian sibling duo Love Thy Brother just dropped their newest song, “Love Me Better” featuring international model and (more…)

2 years ago by Christian Sampen

Plastik Funk, founded in 2002 the German duo has always had a way of putting their own sound into everything they produce. Rafael & Mikio have been at this for a very long time with zero signs of letting up in their latest release off Armada Deep called “This is It”. (more…)