Official ASOT 850 Lineup Has Been Announced

by Jason Adamchak 7 months ago

Nowadays, trance now more than ever is a dance music genre that is standing tall over the horizon shining bright. Love is a shared theme in most trance tracks and it blends so well with the melodies and soft tempo beats that it is instantly contagious.

 Trance music specifically has started to monopolize within the United States. For instance,  trance-only festivals are becoming the new norm in America. Ultra Music Festival is an iconic festival and always glorifying the genre of trance and even dedicated a whole day and stage to the genre too. The ASOT 850 Lineup was just recently announced during the broadcast of ASOT 854 by the king of trance himself; Armin Van Buuren. Breaking the internet by officially releasing possibly the best ASOT lineup in Ultra history, the news quickly broke to social media with fans tweeting photos and posting their reactions on Facebook.

The lineup promises Ultra attendees some legendary trance acts for the last day of the festival, which is always hosted by Mr. Van Buuren underneath the megastructure stage. Over the years, this stage has become the home for “A State of Trance” due to the overwhelmingly positive response from festival goers. This arena-style stage sets the perfect mood for trance lovers to come together as one and have their souls lifted. The ASOT 500 lineup includes Eric Prydz, Armin Van Buuren, Vini Vici, Paul Oakenfold, Andrew Rayel, Marlo, Gabriel & Dresden, Estiva, and most importantly the “Surprise Guest.” It is without hesitation that one can argue Ultra Music Festival has a “couple” of tricks up their sleeves for this 20th anniversary. A surprise guest has been a common name popping up on all of Ultra’s stage by stage lineups. Fans have started voicing their opinions online on who they believe will be the ASOT “Surprise Guest.”

Jason Adamchak

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