Spring Awakening May Be Over But We Have A Quick Recap To Fill The Void

by Katherine Zingerman 1 year ago

Spring Awakening, one of the largest culminations of EDM in Chicago, has sadly come to an end. We’ve headbanged the nights away and unfortunately it is time to go back to the real world. Spring Awakening was a great weekend filled with phenomenal artists who showcased all genres of EDM which serves to prove how EDM is still the thread that we all share, and it has become one of the greatest cultural movements of our time.

On Day 1, the gates opened and we started off the day with the dreamy, summer beats of Louis the Child. We raised our hands and swayed to famous tracks like “Fire” and “Go” and in those moments we collectively connected to living in the moment. After, the Bingo Players took the stage in Base Kitchen. Bingo Players continues to pay homage to his dear friend, Paul, by creating an electrifying set, paired with their signature smiley face logo, that created an unmistakable energy that was felt by the entire audience. The day came to an end with trance legend, Armin Van Buuren. Through a mixture of his classic tracks, Armin Van Buuren set the night on fire with a powerful beat and beautiful visuals. He created a vibe that brought us back to the first days of EDM with tracks like “Your House is Mine” while incorporating his own dizzying twist that emblazoned the audience to dance the night away.

Day 2 began the night with the deep, gritty vibes of Malaa. He began his set with his proclamation for his passion for house music and names himself the music of the people by donning a ski mask, which has become Malaa’s signature look. He creates a mysterious vibe that pushes the audience to ponder the deepest aspects of society, with tracks like “Notorious”, while incorporating enigmatic beats that push our bodies to move. Following Malaa, ZHU overcame the Equinox Stage and the crowd was enlightened by their ethereal, calming beats. By incorporating real live musicians, ZHU created an otherworldly vibe with tracks like “Working For It”. ZHU continues to entrance his audience every time his tracks come on, it’s as if he transports the listener another world filled wonderful beats. The night finished with Excision. Finally it became clear why hundreds of people flocked to the Equinox Stage when night fell because Excision never fails to deliver. Each heavy track emboldened the audience to headbang as if it was their last day on Earth, filled with multiple mosh pits, and dazzling lights. His combination of dirty drops and thrilling beats was an amazing combination that entranced tons of people to lose control and enjoy the wild ride.

Day 3 began with gritty DJ, Jauz. He threw down multiple songs that featured his famous genre mixing skills by mixing heavy rap and house music to create eclectic tracks such as “Feel the Volume”. After Jauz, Alesso took over and we were completely blown away by his beautiful visuals as he played his music. The visuals were incredibly detailed and personal to Alesso and captured his style in a very precise yet creative way. Through combining his classic beats with his enthralling visuals, he had no issue pumping up the crowd. Following Alesso, we finished the last day with Griz. By incorporating live music, Griz embodies a phenomenal mashup between jazz and EDM. Not only did his live music heighten the experience, his trippy visuals with bright colors and his strong message of putting love first created an amazing experience for all festival goers.

Overall, Spring Awakening crafted a wide arrange of beloved EDM artists and we can’t wait to return next year. Until next summer Spring Awakening.


Photo Creds: Spring Awakening Official FB

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