UpNorth Music & Arts Festival – A Festival Inspired by the Cosmos

by Jason Adamchak 1 year ago

A one of a kind experience, UpNorth Music & Arts Festival is an event for open minded people looking for a unique experience inspired by the cosmos. UpNorth Festival was created by those who value community and love, making for one powerfully positive experience. It spans three days and is full of diverse music, art, and people that are sure to amaze. This is an event that brings together like-minded people to share the splendors of life, and hopefully make the world a better place one beautiful soul at a time, one community at a time, and one beat at a time. On August 18, 19, 20 the second celebration of UpNorth is to take place in Copemish, Mich.

The Moon is an intricate part of UpNorth. Taking place on a full Moon in 2016, it was decided to place UpNorth 2017 on the new Moon. No visible moon in 2017, combined with minimal light pollution and clear skies, patrons will receive an awe-inspiring view of the Milky Way. Galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters become naked eye objects, and shooting stars become abundant. The surroundings of not only what is on the ground but what makes up the sky will really help create one unbelievable weekend for festival goers. The lights from all the stages and art installations will not be the only thing made visible. The sky will create the perfect imagery for all who are in attendance of this festival.

Several different advancements and improvements will be made present this year. Starting with a lineup that is sure to appeal to any dance music lover. The lineup is diverse and has headliners and artists that cover all genres of music. For instance, this year’s installment promises sounds from G Jones, Rezz, Louis The Child, Bleep Bloop, Megalodon B2B Midnight Tyrannosaurus, and even more. To view the full day by day lineup make sure to scroll down and view it. History will be written at this year’s UpNorth with surprises to happen around every corner. Tickets are still on sale now so be sure to grab them before they are all gone. Take a peek at the tribute video from the first year of the festival. Enjoy and let the mind wander.


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