Zhena rose from the underground through intrinsic principles of creativity stemmed from passion for dance music. Being recognized for premieres on Spotify’s “Fresh EDM” and catching the attention of established, highly-respected artists such as Don Diablo and James Egbert, Zhena is constantly shifting and pushing the boundaries of the bass house movement.

What Zhena truly reflects is unity. In particular, it reflects the integration of all sounds within music to break conformity with genre ideology to produce greatness. From grimy dubstep stabs to deep, dark techno bass, there is always room for fluidity across all spectrums of sound to create a work of art for the masses.

Zhena is at work observing rhythm, sounds and movements, sculpting them to a perfect metamorphosis. Already a muse to musical talent and taste-makers alike, be sure to catch Zhena on the tour circuit before vanishing in a wisp of smoke.

Welcome To My World.